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Turners Computers LLC opened in Newport, NC on January 28, 2009. Long before there was a retail store we were called Southern-Hosts and mainly focused on web work such as website design, graphic design and application development. Let’s go back in time a bit and find out how Turners got started. As a young child I grew up in a small town much like Newport, my parents owned a variety store that carried anything from cloth and sewing supplies to tools, toys and most important electronics! When someone would bring electronics back that were broken I would try to fix them. Along the road I was the go to guy for car stereos and custom installs. I would make custom speaker boxes, install and fix amps, radios and more. Electronics did not end up being my main job.

Construction was where I had planned to spend my career. Due to an unfortunate accident I was forced to pursue different types of employment, including driving an 18 wheeler, a taxi driver and many other jobs. I was managing a Papa Johns Pizza and moved to an apartment where I met my new neighbor John J. Little did I know that this would be a life changing friend. John was a true geek and asked if I had a computer and I did not. He was nice enough to fix an old PC he had lying around and gave it to me. That was the beginning of my computer life. It changed my outlook on life; I fell in love with computers almost instantly. Over the next few years John would teach me the trade and help me get started in the IT world. John was a government employee and had programmed satellites. I began to see how everything around me was computer related and could see that this would make a great career.

I followed with school and worked for a few other companies along the way finally starting my own web development company in 2004 (Southern-Hosts.com). There is no doubt I had found my calling, it was meant to be. In 2008 I was hired at a local company in Morehead City, NC where I worked until I could open my own store. Dreams do come true and I am proof! For the longest time all I wanted was to have my own PC repair shop. Well I guess I have finally made my mark and have plans to continue with this business as long as Eastern NC will have me. I love my new home and the people here are great! In this day and time it is so hard to find nice people... not in Newport! They're still here and it’s great. I would like to say thank you to all my customers and towns people that have so graciously supported me. I believe that great prices are only a small part of what it means to do good business; service is the most important part. It’s my promise to you that if you shop with us you will be happy that you did and will receive the best service anywhere! Tim Turner Owner

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